About FirstCut

FirstCut is an annual international student film festival organized by FLAME University, Pune. Our aim is to provide a platform for young filmmakers from around the world and encourage them to explore the medium of film as an agent of change.

Last year on March 2020, a wind saturated with ecstasy and passion breezed across the campus of FLAME University as students organizing FLAME FirstCut 2020, the International Student Film Festival, called on its sixth take! For the next three days, the Kalidas auditorium was the hub of film buffs, lovers, enthusiasts, and students. The hall was like a giant, magical, globe-trotting machine which vibrated and transferred us to various places from where fellow student filmmakers sent us their films to watch. We received films from France, Israel, Argentina, Iran, The Republic of Korea, Japan, and India, all made by students. In the three days of FirstCut, students whole-heartedly communicate with filmmakers across sociological, cultural, and political spheres, and ultimately immerse in the art of filmmaking together.

The festival is set to be a three-day affair. We believe not only in simply viewing films but in holistically experiencing them. This year, given to the pandemic, we will be streaming your films on YouTube


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Duration:  05:01 – 20:00 minutes (including titles and credits)


Duration: 05:01  – 20:00 minutes (including titles and credits)


Duration: 30 seconds – 05:00 minutes (including titles and credits)


Duration:  05:01 – 15:00 minutes (including titles and credits)





Get in Touch

Write to us at firstcut@flame.edu.in for any queries and at registration.firstcut@flame.edu.in for any queries regarding the registrations!
+91 8105022539 / +91 8888318040 / +91 9818737949

FLAME University Campus address:
Gat No. 1270, Lavale, Off. Pune Bangalore Highway,
Vadzai, Dist. Pune – 412115, India

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