About FirstCut

FirstCut is an annual international student film festival organized by FLAME University, Pune.

FLAME University’s International Student Film Festival aims at bringing together filmmakers from around the world. At FirstCut, films are more than just art or entertainment. They are mediums of community interaction, collaboration, and change – the opportunity to celebrate creative student vision and direction.

600+ Registrations, 50+ Countries, Special appearances, including Sriram Raghavan, Jay Oza, Reema Sengupta, and many other established names in the film world.

In addition to hosting a quality contest, we celebrate films, and we celebrate the industry. Thousands of film enthusiasts and delegates do not just gain prizes but an inspiration that keeps them going towards better filmmaking.

FirstCut also aims to conduct discussions and consultations on every aspect of FilmMaking- Expert Panels, Masterclasses, Hands-on Training sessions, and many more things.

The festival is set to be a three-day affair. We believe not only in simply viewing films but in holistically experiencing them. This year, given to the pandemic, we will also be streaming films on YouTube!


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Duration:  05:01 – 20:00 minutes (including titles and credits)


Duration: 05:01  – 20:00 minutes (including titles and credits)


Duration: 30 seconds – 05:00 minutes (including titles and credits)


Duration:  05:01 – 15:00 minutes (including titles and credits)

Get in Touch

Write to us at firstcut@flame.edu.in for any queries and at registration.firstcut@flame.edu.in for any queries regarding the registrations!
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