About FirstCut

FirstCut is an annual international student film festival organised by FLAME University, Pune. Our aim is to provide a platform to young filmmakers from around the world and encourage them to explore the medium of film as an agent of change.


In its 2018 edition, the festival received entries from over 40 countries. Judging panels in the past have included the likes of Ms. Rasika Dugal, Mr. Makarand Dambhare, and Ms. Ayisha Abraham. First Cut continues to strive towards not only a larger reach, but also a greater quality of filmmaking.


This year, the festival is set to be a three-day affair. We believe not only in simply viewing films, but in holistically experiencing them. Talks, open air screenings, and food stalls complement the spirit of coming together and enjoying cinema.



Siddhi Ashar


Siddhi Ashar


Siddhi Ashar


Siddhi Ashar


Siddhi Ashar


Siddhi Ashar


Siddhi Ashar


Siddhi Ashar

Submit your Film



Duration:  05:01 minutes – 20:00 minutes (including titles and credits)


Duration: 05:01 minutes  – 20:00 minutes (including titles and credits)


Duration: 00:30 minutes – 05:00 minutes (including titles and credits)


Duration:  05:00 minutes – 15:00 minutes (including titles and credits)

Submission Guidelines

Who can Submit?

Since FirstCut is a student film festival, all individuals involved in its creation, including the director(s), editor(s), writer(s) and cinematographer(s) are required to be students currently attached to an institution, or graduates from the past year. While filling the form, providing your student IDs and date of graduation in the columns provided is essential.

Submission Fees

Participants can submit a maximum of 1 film per category (for a total of 4 films). There is a submission fee of Rs. 300 for indian students and $5 for International students.

Multiple Submissions

In order to submit more than one film, you are required to fill a separate form for each. For example, if you wish to submit one film to the Nano category and another to the Fiction category, you will have to fill the form twice- one for each submission. The same film cannot be submitted to more than one category.

If you are unsure of which category your film falls under, feel free to contact us at firstcut@flame.edu.in.

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